Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Alms" by Alejandro Zamora Montes

Alejandro Zamora Montes is a narrator currently living in Havana. He won the 2005 Letras Cubanas Award and was a finalist in the Internacional Minatura and Internacional Francisco Garzón Céspedes Contests, both in 2007.


Every dog in town awaited their collars allocated for alms. Many of them debated how the new gift should best be used. Some would wait until Christmas to show it off, others would put it on an altar and pay tribute to the god of the collars. There was even a Chihuahua delivering a moving speech about canine fidelity. From a nearby tree a one-eyed cat with thinning fur watched the spectacle. He mocked them silently and thought: Thank heaven I was born a cat, independent and nihilistic.

Translated by David Iaconangelo

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