Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reference page for "Photos on the Walls"

(1) Largest pantheon in Cuba

(2) Havana’s Cemetery of Cristobal Colón, where Colombus’ remains are supposedly interred. See above photo (© hoyasmeg, flickr)

(3) Literally, "skinny girl".

(4) Cuban soft drink brand. See photo below (© roitberg, flickr)

(5) Folk saint interred in Havana’s Colon Cemetery; mother who died during childbirth and buried with son positioned at her feet; exhumed years later, her body was said to be intact and the child’s body nestled in her arms.

(6) Grave of Juana Martin, a domino fanatic said to have died with the double-three in her hand.

(7) “Sailors are we and on the sea we go” (song lyrics).

(8) Very fair-skinned black person, usually with kinky hair and African features.

(9) Literally, “wheat-colored person”.

(10) “one cent”

(11) People from the island's eastern provinces.

(12) English-speaking foreigners. See "The Cuban Triangle" for an explanation of the term's history.

(13) Cubans who attempt to cross the straits into Florida on makeshift rafts.

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